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U.S. ambassador rejects separatists, but we strongly oppose violence in Papua

U.S. ambassador  Scot Marciel / by,msn
JAKARTA - Ambassador of the United States (U.S.) for the Republic of Indonesia Scot Marciel affirmed his country's commitment on Papua. Ambassador Marciel said the U.S. did not support the separatist movement.

"The U.S. government does not support the separatist movement and remain in support of the policy stance to be taken by the Government of Indonesia," said Ambassador Scot Marciel Great at his residence in Jakarta, Tuesday (13/12/2011).

"We will respect the policy of the Government of Indonesia, we are strongly opposed to violence. If it is true there have been violations of human rights, the Government of Indonesia should immediately conduct an investigation," he added.

Papua's problem into the spotlight in recent time. Some of the incidents that occurred in Indonesia's easternmost region causing casualties on the Papuans and the security itself.

Apart from Papua, Ambassador Marciel representing the U.S. government also expressed its commitment to promote and protect the civil community that exist throughout the world for the realization of a complete democracy.

In an effort to promote democracy, the U.S. government looked Indonesia has an important role through the presence of civil society.

"One of the causes of democracy thrives in Indonesia is a vibrant civil society," said Marciel.

As part of a three-year-BINDING U.S., last year the U.S. government has disbursed funds amounting to USD15 million, or approximately Rp135, 9 billion (Rp9.060 per USD) which is channeled through cooperation-cooperation with various non-governmental organizations (NGOs), both US-Indonesia NGOs as well as with other NGOs in the region.

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