Kamis, 29 Desember 2011

SBY handling of human rights violations disappointing: Kontras

Many victims and their family members of human rights violation cases expressed their disappointment in the way President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s (SBY) administration has handled human rights violation cases.

“We are deeply disappointed with President SBY, who did not deliver on his political commitment to resolve past gross human rights violation cases,” Indria Fernida, deputy coordinator of the Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence (Kontras) said as quoted by tribunnews.com on Thursday.

Kontras gathered victims of gross human rights violations and their families during an event titled the “Year End Message from Human Rights Violation Victims” at its office in Jakarta.

“Cases of gross human rights violations such as Trisakti, Semanggi I and II (took place in 1998-1999 respectively), the May 1998 incident and the kidnapping in 1997-1998, Talangsari, and Wasior-Wamena of Papua (2001-2003 respectively) are all stuck at the Attorney General’s Office (AGO),” said Indira.

In the midst of uncertain legal processes regarding those human rights cases, the president has even encouraged non-legal settlements, such as a national consensus.

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