Jumat, 16 Desember 2011

Police Chief Threatens Action Paniai Citizen The Auxiliary members of the TPN / OPM

Kapolres Paniai AKBP Jannus P. Siregar S.Ik (Foto: JUBI)
PAPUAN --- This afternoon, Friday (16/12), some civilians in Paniai district reported that there are threats that come from Paniai police chief, Adjunct Senior Commissioner of Police (AKBP) Jannus Siregar, S. Ik if known to exist that help members of the TPN / OPM leader John Magay Yogi.

"The threat came from the police chief Paniai own, and this scares us all," said Dolvina Degey, one of the civilians in the village of Eduda via short message to the Papuan Voices this afternoon.

According Dolvina, the threat is disseminated on civilians in the village of Uwani, Badauwo Village, and Village Yagiyo, and several villages around Eastern District Paniai.

"With the threat that we have been displaced, because then they might (army / police) origin-origin accused and kill us at will," said Dolvina.
Even further Dolvina, if any civilians are known to provide food or a ride to the TPN / OPM, it will directly deal with the TNI / police.

"In fact, TPN / OPM has run away from Eduda, we expect the authorities just want to justify the actions they make," he added. .
Meanwhile, Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Paniai Jannus Siregar, S. Ik when confirmed appeal Papun related Voices is also justify it.

"Yes, we will take firm action against people who joined with the TPN / OPM," he explained via short message.
Next police chief, he made it when face to face with the people at the foot of the mountain Eduda, Paniai some time ago.
 Until now the situation remains tense in Paniai. Many civilians have been displaced from Paniai. There are to Nabire, Deiyai??, Dogiyai, and even to Timika.
by. Oktovianus Pogau

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