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Poverty Rate in Papua 50 times as much from Jakarta

Papuan (foto ilt)
JAKARTA - The government-run bureaucracy reform began sweeping rakyak welfare sector. Among the government's target is to complete the economic gap in some areas. Among the quite striking gap in the Papua Province.

Independent supervisory team members Reforms Sofian Effendi said, poverty is entrenched in Papua. He estimates, the poverty rate in Papua 50-fold compared with the Establishments. "The term of measurement is the depth of poverty indices," he said. When compared with the national average, poverty in Papua five times worse.

Effendi, who is also former head of the State Personnel Board (BKN) is explained, which is much poverty gap between Papua and Jakarta or even the national average, have a bad impact. Among the most feared impact of nationalism is the soul of Papuans began to critical.

According to Effendi, many symptoms of Papuan nationalism that began to critical population. Among them, can be seen from the perspective of indigenous Papuan students spread across campuses in Java. Effendi pointed out, he had talked with some students from Papua at GMU. "The phrase they are very sad. They feel there is no benefit of this country," said the former president of UGM.

With the pop-pop feeling before, Effendi warned that governments do not worry if at any time Papau residents to get out of Indonesia. "They'll say: Say good bye Indonesia," said Effendi.

Effendi explained, while not late governments are encouraged to really pay attention to improving the welfare of Papua. He said the reform movement if it runs in accordance with the spirit can become one of the arms of Papua alleviate the acute poverty.

According to Effendi, the progress of the economy in Papua can be caused by a corrupt system and slow administration. For that, a withdrawal of bureaucratic reform to the governance of local government, is expected to corrupt administrative system and slow can be suppressed.

Because, said Effendi, who filed a plan of each area of ​​reform of the bureaucracy must actually run the government effectively and efficiently. He cautions, local governments do not worry apparatus does not prosper when running a clean system of administration. "In return, the government has prepared performance benefits," he said. Allowances are often referred to remuneration allowances. (Wan)

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