Senin, 12 Desember 2011

Three Helicopters Police / Army Landed in Kampung Dagouto, Paniai

Paniai-TNI / police with 3 helicopters  have landed at the village Kugikou, Eastern District of Paniai, Pania regency, Papua, Tuesday (12/12)  afternoon.

Their goal is likely to take action shootout with members of the Free Papua Organization (OPM) led by John Yogi in the surrounding area, Headquarters Eduda, Paniai.

The situation remains tense in the area Paniai once. Residents around afraid to do an activity and so many have fled from Paniai.

It is delivered, Mecky Gobay, one resident Paniai to the media via cell phone connection this afternoon.

"Since last night's military and police helicopters are already circling in the area of ​​the headquarters of the TPN / OPM, and is now rumored to have landed," said Gobay.

Gobay also said there would likely be a shootout between the military / police with the TPN / OPM.

"The people around that would definitely be the victim if a shootout between the military / police with TPN / OPM," said Gobay.

According Gobay, was almost three months, sending troops and police officers to the region Paniai intensively conducted.

"We do not know what they were sent to the Paniai, but here is safe," explains Gobay.

He hopes there is advocacy of human rights activists in Indonesia, also at the international level, including NGOs, to violence and human rights violations in Paniai not continue.

Some time ago, Chairman of the Regional Indigenous Council (DAD) Paniai, Jhon Gobay has complained to the National Commission on Human Rights in Jakarta, related to the unrest and violence against citizens in the district due to the presence of members of the Mobile Brigade Paniai since some time ago.

During the meeting, DAD Paniai firmly ask the President and Chief of Police to immediately withdraw troops from Mobile Brigade Paniai district.

Jhon said, this suit has given many victims of the stigma OPM addressed to the citizens of Papua, especially in the District Paniai.


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