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KNPB: Indonesia Must Open Space Referendum

Victor Yeimo, Jubir KNPB (Foto: Ist)
PAPUAN, Jayapura --- West Papua National Committee (KNPB) saw Tri People's Command (Trikora) December 19, 1961 with a very clear violation of the implementation of the UN Charter Article 73, which Indonesia as part of decolonization commission should respect the declaration of independence of West Papua December 1, 1961.
"KNPB demanding solidarity countries, including members of the UN Decolonization Committee in order to register the territory of West Papua into the UN decolonization list for West Papua is also a colony that has not its own sovereign."
This was conveyed by Victor Yeimo, KNPB International spokesman, when contacted Papua Voices, this afternoon, Monday (19/12) of Germany.
According Yeimo, Indonesia has been forced through Trikora and annexed the territory of West Papua into the Republic of Indonesia with a militaristic manner.
Indonesia is also still retain the West Papua region militaristic manner, and at any time until the Papuans in the Unitary Republic of Indonesia will be destroyed by militaristic ways.
"Therefore say KNPB solidarity of people around the world to take the fight against Indonesia militaristic regime that still oppress and exploit the people and the homeland of West Papua to this day," he said.
Yeimo also said, the intention of the nation of Papua to Indonesia free from the confines of neo-colonialism can not be dammed again by any policy of Republic of Indonesia in Papua.
"KNPB said open space referendum for the people of West Papua to determine nasipnya own," said one activist of the Free Papua who had languished in jail due to his political activities.
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