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Keep Papua, Do not Fear Violate Human Rights

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Jakarta (SI ONLINE) - To defend the land of Papua from the Republic of Indonesia's lap, the government asked to not be afraid violate Human Rights (Human Rights). "No need to fear is also at the International Criminal Court (ICC)", said former Chairman of Legal Aid Foundation, Munarman, Kemenhan Office, Jakarta, Friday (23/12/2011).

The reason, said Munarman, as long as the United States is actually the most widely violated human rights. Even when prompted Munarman expressed his willingness to defend the state when brought to the Court of Human Rights.

Treat as opposed to human rights, further Munarman, actually done by the enemies of this country. DPP Chairman Nahi Munkar FPI field is pointed out, in Papua MER-C makes health clinic but were not given permission. Yet this effort to preserve and maintain Papua.

"AFKN Papua moving to maintain even accused the Christians have done Islamisation", continued Munarman.

Munarman shows there are researchers from Human Rights Watch (HRW), based in New York, Andreas Harsono, who continuously make the internationalization of human rights issues in Indonesia. "I have the proof, this man had invited foreign journalists to come to Indonesia. He said there will be something", beber Munarman.

Meanwhile, in the same occasion, one of the administrators DDII Center, Zahir Khan, accused Sidney Jones of the International Crisis Group (ICG) also intervenes in a number of problems in Indonesia. "People like this should be deported from Indonesia. First is, why now left free to mess up the country", said the former diplomat said.

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