Senin, 12 Desember 2011

Shootout occurred in Paniai, One Killed Tell Brimob

Helikopter milik TNI/Polri (Foto: Ilustrasi)
PAPUA, shootout between the military / police with the TPN / OPM leaders in Division II Jhon Yogi Pemka IV Paniai, still ongoing at the Headquarters Eduda, Kugikou Village, Eastern District of Paniai, Paniai regency, Papua, Tuesday (12/12) afternoon this.

In kubuh TNI / police, Brimob proclaim one killed, and another suffered serious injuries and is still being treated in hospitals Paniai.

Justin Gobay, one of the civilians in Paniai to this media via cell phone connection is confirmed that there is one member of the Mobile Brigade who were killed and another seriously injured.

"At OPM kubuh we still do not know, but chances are there and definitely a lot of victims, because they were attacked from the air by helicopter," explained Gobay.

Gobay also explained that the headquarters of the TPN / OPM has been sold at fuel Eduda TNI / police, and even he had a dozen times a helicopter owned by TNI / police back and forth from Madi (Capital Paniai) to Eduda.

Gobay said, perhaps because the TNI / Police attacked by helicopter, and arrived at their headquarters, there was resistance from the TPN / OPM with anger.

"We do not know how long the war between the military / police and the TPN / OPM to stop," explained Gobay.

He hopes kehadiaran TNI / police in Paniai reduced, because it has caused unrest among the people of Papua, and in particular in the area of ​​Paniai.

"We have fled our homes due to fear, the attention of the local government did not exist," said Gobay.

Police Paniai, Ik S. Siregar AKBP Jannus when the media contact is many times not lift his cell phone, SMS is also not in the back.
by Oktovianus Pogau

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