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Indonesia military, inhumane to the people of Papua

Indonesia army
Bells and military movement in Papua, Indonesia, seem to impose its will through the barrel of a gun and violence. Armed with the instinct of death rates, apparently giving the impression inhumane."The intention was just one, treats people with dignity for the sake of ideology is not built by man," said Saul Wanimbo,

Chairman of the Office for Justice and Peace (SKP) Diocese of Timika, Papua, on Thursday (15/12). Situation, has created discomfort for the life of the Papuans, even peace between fellow citizens in Papua.
 According to Saul, the discomfort was deliberately created.

"The Papuans for action, there must be no military action," added Erry Nabire Degei in Papua. He put, obvious examples are still apparent in December 2011.

 "By December 1, exactly 30 November 2011, the park clean Papua Papuan folk hero, Oyehe Nabire.
 When the spot, police charged dozens of trucks full of armed police and several other uses pengamaman shields, parking on the highway, the front garden. Not what, but so very memuakan model for us. Particularly violent and forcible action to silence the aspirations of the Papuan people, "commentator Degei.

The situation is sickening for Papuans, also occurred in several cities such as Timika in Papua, Biak, Sorong and others.
"Every time we want to express our rights through democratic principle, there is always violence, intimidation, terror, and even direct firing using a sharp weapon in the field.

 It's heartbreaking and we Papuans are tired of seeing the Indonesian military, which in fact is mindless, but relying on the gun and violence over violence, "said Mario Yatipai, a Papuan activist.

"This year, we want to commemorate the death of host Kelly (Kwalik) as our parents. But when we clean the grave.
TNI also pretended to clean the field Timika Indah, since Tuesday (13/12) yesterday. Whether in what order, the military suddenly make a soccer game and entertainment stage, "said Mama Ana Kwalik in Timika. (Jubi / ALMER Pits)

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