Sabtu, 10 Maret 2012

Calling of full Council meeting null and void: Mayor

By Harrison Selmen


Mayor Moliva in his office
Lord Mayor of Luganville, Trevor Moliva, has described attempts by the Union of Moderate Parties (UMP) to organise a full Council meeting last Friday as not valid.

Moliva said amid the confusion in the calling of the council meeting, members of the coalition running the council reportedly supported the calling.
“They have pointed out several issues inside the Municipality as an excuse to make sure the sitting happens.

“Some of the concerns raised by them were; improper financial management; the Mayor is helping his councilors under the NUP umbrella and lastly the discipline of the Deputy Mayor Elisabeth Sihos,” Moliva said.

A total of nine councilors altogether including the coalition partners were able to sign the document for the meeting to take place.

But Moliva said later on Acting Deputy Mayor (VRP) Pedro Yapisai, Chairman of Social Affairs (Vanua’aku Party) Johnny Willie and Chairman of Health and Sanitation (Alliance Group) Pedro Andrew, switched allegiance to withdraw their signatures.

The withdrawal of the three councilors’ support for the calling was done in respect of the agreement of the coalition of the national government of the day, Moliva said.

Meanwhile the mayor has replaced Councillor Elizabeth Sihos as Deputy Mayor with Councillor Pedro Lapisae.

“From now on Elizabeth Sihos is no longer part of the running council because she declared herself that she will not be part of the council and she joined the opposition.

“Councilor Pedro Lapisae is the Acting Deputy Mayor.

“Lapisae is only acting on Sihos’s behalf for commission meetings and other external official activities”.

But Moliva said while Lapisae is acting deputy, Councillor Sihos is still entitled to benefits of a Deputy Mayor.

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