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Shooting of the German citizen, is accused in the trial Related Rebuke the UN Human Rights

Victor Yeimo ( Jubir Internasional KNPB)
Voice-Baptist,--The shooting of the Germans, Dietmar Pieper, on Tuesday (29/5) is a big conspiracy to eliminate Homeland international pressure on its involvement in human rights abuses in Papua. The shooting was apparently very closely related to the harsh rebuke to Indonesia by the UN human rights council at the hearing there.
Rebuke is related to the military / police force who is an actor and human rights violations in Papua. Moreover, Germany is the country who openly rebuked Indonesia in the trial.
Speaker of the West Papua National Committee (KNPB) Victor Yeimo, in Jayapura on Wednesday (30/5), said it was assessing carefully that the shooting was purely state conspiracy to mengambinghitamkan Papuans as the mastermind behind the violent conflict in Papua.
"We are grateful foreigners in Papua. Especially Germany, since Ottow and Geisler entered Papua hundreds of years ago as a propagator of religion, their enmity never Papua. Precisely the Indonesian government to ban foreign journalists into citizen and Papua, and even arrest and deportation," he said .
Victor Yeimo admitted his side was very disappointed because almost all the shooting in Papua was never revealed, and always say actors are characterized by the Papuans.
"This issue is not as easy as saying the perpetrator is a stranger as written various print and electronic media. Officials also told that the car was found but could never prove it," he said.
"Experience is the perpetrator was never revealed. Who is behind the shooting for this? This is proof of this conspiracy goes on. Do not look at his mask, why always the characteristics of curly, dreadlocks, black beard, always kambinghitamkan perpetrators are Papuans. Clearly human rights workers always be questioned (it) was never revealed. It could have been a conspiracy TNI / police ruin the name of the Papuan people, "said Yeimo again.
In response to the shooting of the German people, the KNPB urged the German government to immediately send an independent team to disclose it, and urged the severance of diplomatic relations with Indonesia. "It should not be left without a clear resolution," said Victor
source: media Indonesia

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