Senin, 18 Juni 2012

West Papua rocked by wave of shootings | Green Left Weekly

West Papuans protest on Yapen Island. Photo from West Papua Media.
West Papua has been rocked by a wave of shootings and repression in recent weeks that has left many parts of the occupied nation in a state of fear.
Indonesian security forces went on a rampage in the highlands town of Wamena, killing one person, injuring many others and destroying property on June 6.
Human rights group Tapol said on June 8 the soldiers were seeking revenge for an attack by locals on two colleagues who had run over a three-year-old child with a motorbike. Locals killed one of the soldiers on the motorbike and the other was severely beaten.
The Jakarta Post said on June 8 that soldiers from the Yonif 756/Wamena battalion stormed the streets of Wamena, setting fires, killing livestock, shooting at random and vandalising homes after learning of the incident.
The rampage was followed by another killing the next day in the capital Jayapura. New Matilda said on June 12 that West Papua National Committee (KNPB) activist Teyu Tabuni was shot four times in the head by a police officer, who then fled.

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