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AHRC: Indonesia Military members shot civilians and burned their properties in Wamena, West Papua

ISSUES: Extrajudicial killings, threats and intimidations, right to life
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The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information regarding an attack conducted by members of Battalion 756 Wimane Sili towards civilians in Kampung Honai Lama west of Wamena on 6 June 2012. The attack was conducted by the military following the stabbing of two of its members by the residents of Kampung Honai Lama after they had hit a 10 year old boy while they were riding a motorcycle at high speed. It is reported that the battalion indiscriminately shot and stabbed the civilians, burned their houses and destroyed their property. One civilian was killed, 13 others were injured and 87 houses were burned. (Photo: houses burned in Kampung Honai Lama. Source: local activists).


According to local activists, on 6 June 2012 at around 10am, Pratu. Sahlan and Prada Parloi Pardede who were the members of Batallion 756 Wimane Sili were riding a motorcycle at high speed to Wamena. As they were riding the motorcycle, they hit a 10 year old boy named Kevin Wanimbo who was instantly taken to the emergency room of the nearby hospital. This has caused the anger amongst the local residents who later attacked the two members of Battalion 756 Wimane Sili that Pratu. Sahlan died while Prada Parloi Pardede was severely injured.
At around 12pm on the same day, the other members of Batallion 756 Wimane Sili came to Kampung Honai Lama and opened fire at the civilians. Local villagers were beaten up with wood blocks and stabbed by the military members. A witness reported that the military members burned the villagers’ houses and smashed the glasses of the windows. Vehicles parked in front of the houses were also burned and some public facilities were destroyed, including an electricity pole located in Potikelek Market. Reports received by the AHRC mentioned that the military members arrived in two trucks but the total number of officers who came to the village is unconfirmed. The attack took place on Irian Street, Yos Sudarso Street, Trikora Street and Sinakma Kimbim Street. It resulted in the death of Elinus Yoman who was shot to death and the injury of 13 others. Eight of them are severely injured as they were stabbed about their heads, backs, knees, arms, thighs, necks and other part of their bodies. The victims have been taken to Wamena Hospital to receive medical treatment. (Photo: one of the victims being treated in the hospital. Source: local activists).
The arson of houses committed by the military members has left some of the local residents homeless who fled to other villages to save themselves. Villagers are afraid to return as they continue to be afraid of retaliation actions.

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INDONESIA: Military members shot civilians and burned their properties in Wamena, West Papua — Asian Human Rights Commission

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