Sabtu, 09 Juni 2012

Metro-TV: Parliamentary Caucus for Papua, Violence Performed by TNI / police

Paskalis Kosay (anggota DPR RI)
Metro-TV, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono asked to form an independent investigative team to uncover all the violence in Papua. Therefore, it allegedly performed military and police elements.
"There are some events that happened two months and made known to both military personnel want police," said Coordinator of Papua Caucus in Parliament, Paschal Kossay Arrested during a press conference at the Parliament complex, Jakarta, Friday (8/6).
He called the shooting of five people who do BriMobs in Degeuwo; burning of houses in the District Angkaisera, Serui; and shooting 13 civilians in Wamena as an example of violence by the TNI / police.
SBY describes the sequence of events is very weak in controlling the military / police. Therefore, Papua Caucus in Parliament asked the President to immediately reveal the mysterious shooter so far. Yudhoyono also asked to re-evaluate state policies that put the military / police exceed the number of local people in Papua.
The President also had to replace the Papua police chief and military commander of Paradise or XVII of the State Intelligence Agency officials if they are not able to control security. "SBY asked to open up wider access for humanitarian workers and the mass media in order to access information and advocacy events on the ground," said Paschal.
He hopes, SBY opened the door for dialogue with the Papuans with the feel of constructive and dignified. "As soon as the need for enforcement of human rights violations, corruption and other crimes in Papua," he said. (Andhini)

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