Selasa, 05 Juni 2012

Indonesian Police Shot Dead Peaceful Protester In West Papua

The peaceful protesters in Jayapura, West Papua blocked and attacked by Indonesian Police yesterday (4/7). Three protesters shot dead by Police, hundreds beaten and 43 detained.

Indonesian police with weapon equipment fully blocked the Thousands people of West Papua organized by The West Papua National Committee [KNPB] at Kampung Harapan Sentani and without any warning police attacked and shot. Three people named Vanuel Taplo (29), Yesa Mirin (25) and Tanius Kalmabin dead.

Victor Yeimo of KNPB said that Indonesian police shot protester brutally as a proof that the Indonesia is the main actor of human right abuses in West Papua. "We are organized people protesting peacefully to stop the killing, shooting and all oppressor doing by Indonesia West Papua, but why they openly attacked people and shot dead protester?", said Victor. 

"Also we want Indonesia to stop stigmatize the people of West Papua on the shooting of Dietmar of Germany, but Indonesian was not allow and attacked us because they don't want us to open their cruel in West Papua, they want to keep and hide their conspiracy of conflict in West Papua", said Victor
In other protest before on 2nd May, one of the protester, Teroji Weah is also shot dead Indonesian military at Abepuara, Jayapura. Untill now, there is no any process of low for the justice.

 Fanuel Taplo


Yesa Mirin


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